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The Nillax Dimension, overlooking Red Seed, Pink Zone and Bio Zone


The Nillax Dimension or Nile Dimension is a dimension that is relatively the same as the Overworld. Hostile vanilla mobs like Zombies, Skeletons, Spiders, Slimes and sometimes Creepers appear in this dimension along with pigs, chickens, cows, and sometimes bats. Zertums, Destro Zertums, Red Zertums, Kortors, and Jakans also appear in this dimension.

Structures and Generation

So far, there are might chances of villages and other structures spawning in this dimension. Ores like Nile Coal Ore and Nile Grain Ore spawn in this dimension almost frequently. Dark Grains Ores sometimes appear in this dimension (Only when Dark Load is enabled via mod configurations). Caves do appear frequently in this dimension and odd areas with stone and ores in this large patch of land have been known for spawning a lot in this dimension. Mesa and Extreme Hill like biomes (Nile Mesa and Nile Mountains) also spawn in this dimension, along with Red Seed, Bio Zone, Destro Zone, Blue Taiga, Pink Zone, Nile Jungle, and Nile Swampland.

Traveling to the Dimension

To travel to this dimension, you MUST use Nillax Stones to create a portal frame just like the Nether portal frame. Then use Nile Dust and iron ingot to create a Nile Spark, which is then used to light up the portal frame (exactly like the Nether portal) and then the portal is now open for travel.