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Raw list of the top 10 lists can be found here.

Top 10 lists let you decide what is best. Although they are typically referred to as "top 10" lists, they can sometimes contain more than 10 choices. It is best you review all of the choices before voting. Remember, there is no way to unvote, so choose wisely!


  • To add a new Top 10 list, simply click "Contribute" on the top right-hand corner, click "Add Page", then select "Top 10 list". Fill in the information for your selected choices using wiki markup and save the page. Finally, add it to this page using the instructions in the following bullet.
  • To add a Top-10 list to this page, decide which section it belongs in; Creature List, Biomes List or another list that doesn't fit in those sections. Then, add the following line of code under the appropriate section:
*[[Full page name|Page name without "Top 10 list:"]]
Example: *[[Top 10 list:Best episode in Season One|Best episode in Season One]]

Entity Lists

  • Best Tameable Creatures
  • Hardest Nile/Dark Entity to Fight

Biome Lists

  • Coolest Biomes