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Ice Zertums are one of the subspecies of Zertums.

Ice Zertum
2014-10-28 18.52.20.png
redesign on 1.1.5
Health Points Wild: 35
Tamed: 40
Baby: 10
Attack Strength Wild: 6
Tamed: 8
Baby: 2
Spawn Locations Blue Taiga
First Appearance 1.1.0
Entity ID 303
Drops Zertum Meat, Nile Grain
Experience 1 - 5

Behavior and Functions

Just like Zertums, Ice Zertums have the same basic functions including the inventory. When walking, they can freeze the ground and make water turn into ice.


Just like the other Zertum species (expect for Dark Zertums), Ice Zertums can be tamed using Nile Bones.


Like other Zertums, they can eat any form of meat.


Just like Dark Zertums andForis Zertums, Ice Zertums do not have variations of breeding.